Briefly in English

Responsible travel and leisure media Valpas is a conscious online media that helps Finnish travellers making better decisions.

The Finnish word Valpas stands for awareness.

Valpas is Finland’s first and only travel media with a focus on responsible and sustainable tourism. Valpas aims to improve the whole travel industry by raising travellers’ awareness of all aspects of responsible tourism: the economical, social, cultural as well as ecological impacts of travel.

It’s what the Finnish word Valpas stands for; Awareness.

Founded in 2020 and continuously developing its operations, Valpas publishes

  • Sustainable travel news from Finland and worldwide;
  • Extensive articles explaining the aspects of responsible tourism as well as the impacts of travel, encouraging travellers to make more responsible decisions at home and abroad;
  • Mesmerising travel stories from all over the world;
  • Interviews of fascinating travel personas and experts;
  • Opinion pieces;
  • Aspiring alternatives for leisure, as travelling isn’t always smart or even possible.

Recognising the commercial content

Valpas is committed to journalistic ethics and standards. As an independent travel media, Valpas needs commercial collaborations to survive.

You can recognise the commercial content from the label ”mainosyhteistyö”. Some of our articles are supported by grants (”apurahan tukema”) or press trips (”lehdistömatka”). We also collaborate pro bono with non-profit organisations and, for a limited time, with travel businesses that have suffered heavily from coronavirus and share the same values as Valpas.

The founder of Valpas Media is Saana Jaakkola, an experienced travel journalist from the southwest coast of Finland. Saana is specialised in responsibility and sustainable tourism, and she has written articles for the most renowned media across Finland.

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